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I am a clairvoyant medium and life coach from Northern California. I have helped 100’s of clients over the last decade get the clarity, comfort and closure they are looking for to move forward. I have paired my gift of intuition with life coaching so my clients can have an optimal experience. I approach every reading with empathy & compassion. I like to keep things simple and add a little humor to my sessions because life doesn’t have be serious all the time especially when you are working through the heavy shit!

I learned I had a sense of knowing when I was 8, even before that my family would find me chatting it up with what I called “The Light”. This wasn’t weird to anyone because My Uncle is also clairvoyant, he helped me figure all this out. I wasn’t comfortable with my gift, in fact worried about what people would think about me. Coming out of the clairvoyant closet wasn’t easy. I worried that people may think I was nuts. I gave readings to friends who I felt comfortable with for years & one day I said “ People are going to think what they want if I can help people that is what I am going to do.” 

I am grateful to have found my life purpose and helping people find theirs the best thing in the Universe. My goal is that everyone I work with feels safe, understood, get comfort & clarity they need to live their best life and be happy. If you have any questions please email me @ sheriseas@yahoo.


Intuition & Life Coaching

My Intuitive Life Coaching sessions are to help you to live the life you will love, discover your life’s purpose, improve your confidence & value yoursel. I provide the tools & guidance for you to find a healthy balance and teach you to redirect the patterns that keep you from moving forward. Here is a list of what I can help you with:


Confusion or feeling lost

Depression & anxiety


Self confidence

General Direction

Pain from past events, loss or grief. 




Intuitive developme


Jessica Evans - Virginia, U.S.

I have never enjoyed a conversation as much as I did with, Sheri. She truly cares about what she‘s doing, and is helping me to my path I am meant to be on, and for that I am gratefu. There are no wordis to express my gratitude for her help and kindnes,

Thank you again 💙



Kristine Pass. - Tennessee, U.S.

After my time with Sheri, I wanted to write a testimonial that would accurately reflect the incrediible experience, her unbelievable generosity, depth of compassion and superb intuitive abilities. The more I considered what to write, the more I realized are not words to describe her light and beautiful soul. To say having a reading is worth it is a gross understatement. I walked away energized, joyful and at peace feeling I not only found an excellent intuitive coach but a great friend.

Amanda Williams - Austin Texas U.S.

Sheri and I were connected by the Universe via Instagram, and I am so grateful for her insight to my life. Everything she saw about me was spot on. She is humble, kind and firecly loves. We all need affirmation and direction in our lives, and she is amazing at that. She is a true light worker.

Allison - Redwood Shores California

Sheri's intuitive guidance and incredible insight have revealed opportunity areas in my life that need refreshing or change for the better. I'm so appreciative of her advice and direction to help me grow as a person and seek the right path for success and happiness.

Michelle - Olympia Washington

I have been seeing , Sheri for a years. She has helped me get clarity on my family, career and healt. Her genuine kindness is amazing. I always feel excited after my sessions with her, her intuitive has been accurate every time. She has also done Mediumship readings for me and I have been blown away (in a good way)!!! She’s funny and straight forward in a gentle way. 

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